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Gambling Addiction Can Destroy All Aspects Of Your Life

Gambling Addiction Destroys Lives

Gambling Addiction Destroys Lives

Gambling addiction is a great destroyer of lives. This addiction can destroy all aspects of you life if you do not get help. When this addiction spirals out of control it can take everything from you that you hold sacred and important.

The biggest problem with gambling addiction is the fact that gambling as available everywhere and is seen as a very socially acceptable behavior. Gambling has been glamorized, and unfortunately many people have casinos within a half hour drive from there home as well as the availability of online gambling.

College kids have been very vulnerable to gambling addiction as online gambling and campus poker games have become a more common part of campus life. Many college students struggle with a gambling problem, and this has not been addressed by campus professionals like it should be.

So how can gambling addiction destroy all aspects of your life? Well for one, gambling can effect you socially, emotionally, occupationally, spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially.

1.Gambling can cause social isolation and loss of friends and family.

2.Gambling addiction can cause one to neglect his or her physical health through lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and poor eating.

3. Gambling addiction can cause severe depression, anxiet, and suicidal ideation.

4.Loss of job is not uncommon for a gambler because of missed work time and poor work performance.

5. Gambling can cause spiritually emptiness and a lack of connection to the world of the gambler.

6. Gambling addiction can cause tremendous financial losses that can sometimes be irreversable.

The dream world of a person with a gambling addiction is not real and is just a fallacy. Addictive gambling is not glitz, glamour, and images of happy people winning at the casino.

Gambling addiction is a great destroyer of lives, and many have committed suicide, gone to jail, and lost everything because of gambling.

If you have a gambling addiction you can stop gambling


Life is better when you stop gambling.

Michelle Tee

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